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How Azuga Fleet Management Pricing Provides More Value Than the Competition

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What are the first factors you consider when looking for a fleet management solution? Most likely, they are functionality, usability, and price. Of course, you need to make sure that the software you select provides you with the most value for the money that you spend on it. You know that the cheapest solution is not always the best, but you cannot risk your bottom line on fleet management software alone. A perfect balance is key, and that’s why you need Azuga’s fleet management solution. Azuga’s fleet management software pricing is customizable to your fleet’s needs, so you know that you are getting everything your fleet requires to function at the best price possible. 

How Does Azuga’s Pricing Work?

Azuga offers three different pricing tiers: BasicFleet, SafeFleet, and CompleteFleet. These tiers each provide different features of Azuga’s full software. This section will discuss what features are available in each tier and how each of these features is beneficial to your fleet. 


BasicFleet is Azuga’s lowest-priced plan at $25 per vehicle per month. This plan includes our core tracking features that every fleet should have. When you invest in this tier, your fleet will enjoy the following features in fleet tracking: 

  • GPS Tracking: You can view your vehicles’ movement and events. This includes job, driver, speed, and location. 
  • Alerts and Notifications: Azuga’s alerts include safety issues such as speeding or hard braking.
  • Driver Scores: Track how well your drivers perform and compare coworkers with one another, creating friendly competition. 
  • Driver Rewards: Reward drivers for a job well done by sending rewards to drivers with FleetMobile.
  • Reports: Run reports automatically and have team members receive reports via email.
  • Geofence: Get an alert when vehicles enter and exit a virtual perimeter you set up.

Also, with BasicFleet, you can add our SafetyCam, a dual-facing HD camera that tracks signs of distracted driving and alerts you when your drivers engage in unsafe driving behaviors. 

These features use Azuga’s state-of-the-art and award-winning fleet tracking technology to help your fleet run more efficiently and keep you moving better than ever. And of course, you have access to our 24/7 support line with our team of experts, who you can access via phone, email, and the web. 


SafeFleet is our most popular fleet tier. It includes everything that Basic Fleet has along with features targeted to improve your fleet’s safety. After all, one of your fleet’s top goals is keeping your drivers safe. These features include: 

  • SpeedSafe: Get contextual speeding information that tells you when, where, and under what driving condition speeding occurs, relative to the posted speed limit.
  • Distracted Driving: View calls made, received, and missed while your driver is at the wheel.
  • Panic Alert: When your driver is in trouble, they can hit the panic button to alert their manager and receive assistance.

This tier also includes various features that improve your business’s efficiency. Making your fleet more efficient will bring in money and keep your business in the game for the long haul. Boost your fleet’s productivity with features like: 

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: View the status of your vehicles’ health via diagnostic trouble codes in real time.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Reduce the amount of time your vehicles spend in the shop and cut down on repair costs.
  • Trip Logs and Tags: You can tag trips as business or personal and view specific details regarding these trips.
  • Fuel Card Integration: Connect your fuel cards to Azuga Fleet.
  • API Integration: Integrate your Azuga data with other business applications you use.
  • TrackMe: Share your map location and trip status.
  • Occupation Recognition: Your vehicles can track which driver is behind the wheel.
  • Messaging: It’s easy for drivers and managers to exchange messages, photos, videos, and locations within the fleet system.

Of course, with this tier as well, you can add the SafetyCam for maximum safety, and you still get access to our customer-approved support team. 


This is the ultimate Azuga package, which includes every feature that Azuga offers. Of course, it covers everything that SafeFleet offers, but it also adds other features. It adds a safety feature called Azuga Coach, which provides personalized video coaching based on driving issues detected by the tracking system. These videos cover all aspects of driving that you can imagine. However, it also includes exclusive features that you should consider. These features include: 

  • One-Minute Tracking: Receive GPS tracking details every minute.
  • Custom Reports: Receive personalized reports on anything, including vehicle usage, operating costs, and driver performance.
  • Quarterly Fleet Review: Meet with a Customer Success Manager every quarter to see how your fleet progresses.

As mentioned, with this tier, you get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who addresses all of your specific needs. Your manager offers a higher level of customer support that will help you on a personalized level. 

Choose Your Tier Today

Azuga is the best choice for any fleet because we can mold it to any fleet’s needs. Our fleet management solution is the best in the business, and our variety of features covers everything you could need when it comes to protecting your fleet. Try a demo today before you buy to see what we have to offer for yourself.