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FMCSA regulations perform daily pre-trip and post-trip

Truck or bus drivers subjected to FMCSA regulations perform daily pre-trip and post-trip equipment inspections. Azuga eDVIR enforces a simple but effective process for paperless management of inspection reports, and is compliant with FMCSA 396.11 and .13 regulations:

FMCSA regulations perform daily pre-trip and post-trip


Enhanced DVIRs: Assists drivers with customizable pre-trip and post-trip DVIR points on per asset or class of asset basis. Supports speech to text to avoid typing (and typos) and time stamping of DVIR entries.

Document Defects and Repairs: When the driver takes the wheel, the mobile application retrieves the latest information for the vehicle and current trailers, creating a reviewable report. After reviewing the report, the driver checks boxes to indicate whether the vehicle is in a safe operating condition or requires repair.

Inspection History and Reports: Maintenance personnel use the web application to review DVIR history, defects and deficiencies and repair details.

DVIR Tablet Application

Easy-to-use menus let the driver select from customizable lists of parts and accessories and common defects. A DVIR view shows the complete report for roadside inspections.

  • Promotes timely and accurate inspection of vehicles and trailers
  • Latest defects and repair notes available in real-time for the vehicle combination
  • Customizable defect lists speeds documentation, increasing productivity
  • Latest inspection reports always available for review and roadside inspection
  • Support for U.S. and Canada ELD and DVIR, along with support for both U.S. federal, state and Canadian driving rules and exemptions.
  • Wide range of APIs available for integration with other portals.
  • Available in multiple languages - English, Spanish and French.
  • Mobile applications for both iOS and Android tablet and phones.

DVIR Administrative Interface

Authorized users can view and print DVIRs and document repairs. A clean, intuitive report interface allows users to filter DVIRs by status, vehicle or trailer ID, location, and time. The certifying technician’s electronic signature is captured automatically and time stamped on the report. DVIR records are retained for three months and then automatically purged.

  • Eliminates countless forms; records are automatically stored and purged.
  • Real-time communication enables earlier defect resolution and more vehicle uptime
  • Integrates with vehicle maintenance systems

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FMCSA regulations perform daily pre-trip and post-trip equipment inspections

FMCSA regulations perform daily pre-trip and post-trip

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