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Automated Fuel Tax Reporting

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ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC), based in Bridge City, Texas, formerly part of Road Legal, Inc. (Road Legal), makers of ProMiles XF Mileage Guide, ProMiles Fuel Tax, ProMiles Fuel Management, TruckMiles and a comprehensive suite.

Azuga Integration

ProMiles integrates GPS vehicle location information to know location and mileage readings to help customers who are required to comply with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) filings. Leveraging Azuga with the ProMiles integration enables fleets to streamline their quarterly tax filings by providing GPS vehicle location and mileage information to the tax filer. This data is compared with fuel purchased to help reduce incomplete/manual trip logs and paper receipts. Customers can work with the experts to compare location information and fuel purchases to professionally handle quarterly tax filings. This ensures proper expectations for taxes owed and can help find eligible refunds.

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