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Engineering, operations & customer service utility solutions for consultants, vendors, utilities to operate electrical distribution systems.

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Scheduling & Dispatch

Company Overview

Milsoft Utility Solutions has served the small utility marketplace, cooperatives, municipalities, and universities, with industry-leading analysis software and services for 30 years. A recognized leader in engineering and operations solutions, Milsoft is dedicated to our customers and our employees, passionate about our support, and strive to bring technology vision to deployment while enhancing our customers’ ability to execute.

Azuga Integration

Azuga pushes location data to Milsoft servers to provide customers with an easy to use interface that displays vehicle location, dispatch operations and emergency activities all on one screen.

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HomeWorks Plumbing, Heating & Air

80% reduction of wear and tear by using Azuga

Megan Kroll

Fleet Manager

Allwell Rents

Azuga fleet tracking and Azuga Works gives Allwell the peace of mind they need

Brian Lambert

Owner, Director of Operations

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