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Over nearly a century, Holman has evolved into one of the largest integrated automotive service companies in North America. With a unique set of complementary services in fleet management, upfitting and equipment, and commercial and retail vehicle sales, we’re always Driving What’s Right.

Holman offers fleet solutions to help small businesses effectively secure and lease the right vehicles, and help arrange any up-fitting and logos to be included on the vehicle. 

  • Tailor a customized approach to funding that aligns with monthly budget goals. 
  • Gain more transparency into vehicle spending while spending less time on vehicle administration and provide a streamlined strategy for managing your operating costs and invoicing that not only shows where your money is going, but where you can be saving, too. 
  • Spend less time on vehicle administration tasks. Utilize Holman’s streamlined process for vehicle servicing, fueling, and tracking to manage and reduce costs. 
  • Access more options for selling or trading existing vehicles that align with your priorities, whether it’s a quick sale or higher returns.

Azuga Integration


Dynamics pulls the odometer once a day and updates all matching vehicles.


Odometer updates drive any PM notifications based on odometer updates, which eliminates data entry in both systems as customers add new vehicles to their fleet.

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