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Last mile logistics management to streamline delivery operations and impress your customers

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Route optimization and dispatching
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Company Overview

Elite EXTRA offers industry-leading last-mile logistics solutions. Routing & Dispatch, is a last-mile logistics solution designed to optimize routes, provide full operational visibility, and enhance the customer fulfillment experience.

Elite EXTRA Routing & Dispatch

Over 15 years of industry experience has shaped Routing & Dispatch’s advanced feature set, and our team will be with you every step to ensure the solution is a perfect fit for your operation. Along with standard features such as route optimization and driver tracking, Routing & Dispatch has many innovative features that come within the solution:

Automated Routing & Dispatch

Take the pressure off your dispatchers by allowing the system to automatically create optimized routes from the orders entering your system. These routes can then be automatically dispatched to the best available driver.

Customer Notifications

Keep your customers in the know by sending them an automated email and text notifications about the status of their order. Customers can even follow the live status of their order using a customized tracking link.

Exact ETAs

Your team and your customers will be properly informed with real-time, accurate ETAs for every route. As routes change and traffic fluctuates, these ETAs will be kept updated.

Signature & Photo Capture

Empower your drivers to collect digital proof of delivery seamlessly at the point of fulfillment. Using the EXTRA Driver mobile application, your drivers can collect signatures and photos from their mobile devices.

Reporting Suite

Managers can gain key business intelligence insights with Routing & Dispatch’s extensive reporting suite. Report on every aspect of your last mile operation and find areas where improvements can be made.


“Elite EXTRA’s solutions are truly innovative, and their ability to integrate into business processes in multiple business verticals results in true business value. Innovative products and the innovative application of these products, that is Elite EXTRA”

  • Stephen Sigg, General Motors

Elite EXTRA and Azuga Integration

Azuga and Elite EXTRA have partnered to provide complete operational visibility revolving around routing and dispatching, your vehicles, and your drivers to help you provide the best delivery and service operations possible. 

From automated route optimization and planning to proactive vehicle maintenance and alerting, real-time visibility, customer ETA alerting, and world-class safety measures, combining Azuga and Elite EXTRA provides customers the best-combined solution in telematics and routing and dispatching. 

Azuga and Elite EXTRA integrate seamlessly to provide critical driver and vehicle information to the dispatch team to make informed decisions, creating a high-functioning dispatch operation. 

Vehicle Tracking Integration

In a powerful, innovative new integration, you can view the real-time ignition status and location of your vehicles AND drivers all within the same platform, providing the “single pane of glass” every dispatcher needs. Manage your fleet and drivers in real-time to obtain greater visibility and efficiency in your operations.

Vehicles and Faults

All vehicle and driver information is synched between the platforms so that you don’t have to manage two lists of vehicles and drivers. Additionally, any vehicle faults will be displayed in Elite EXTRA for easy visibility for your dispatching team.

Events and Alerts

Azuga diagnostic alerts and events are sent to Elite EXTRA in real-time so that you are notified no matter what platform you are working in!

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