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The all-in-one fuel card and business card for trades and transportation

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Fuel Card
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Company overview:

Coast is your Visa powered, all-in-one card for fuel, fleet, employee and business expenses.

  • ​​Use anywhere Visa is accepted (including Costco and Walmart), with 1% cashback on every purchase outside gas stations, and 2¢ back per gallon on your statement - No tiers, cap or minimum.
  • Centralize all your expenses onto one card - Restrict to fuel-only at gas stations, or securely enable more categories with specific spend limits, such as maintenance, car washes, food or lodging.
  • Protect your fleet against skimming and theft - The combination of a proprietary card activation system and GPS security keeps you better protected than other fuel cards.
  • More peace of mind with live reporting - Receive alerts and notifications in real-time and dig deeper into transactions with our instant spend reports.

Azuga Integration:

  • Decline fuel transactions based on location data: Coast automatically matches the GPS location of the vehicle with the location of the pump. If the vehicle is away from the pump, Coast will automatically decline the transaction.
  • Automatic odometer data collection at every fuel transaction. Coast will automatically add the most recent Azuga odometer entry to every fuel transaction, allowing users to calculate the miles per gallon consumption of their vehicle. This will allow users to faster identify issues such as fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, or sub optimal driving behaviors.
  • Vehicle data sync: Instead of  manually entering Azuga vehicles into Coast, every vehicle in Azuga can be automatically imported to Coast.

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