Late Night Driving and Fatigue for Commercial Drivers Lead to Accidents, New Study Shows

October 18, 2018

Fleet News Daily

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A leader in connected fleet technology has just release recent findings from a model to assess levels of threats for drivers based on underlying behavior and external factors.

According to the source, Azuga:

“Although each fleet-based business has its own unique safety challenges, we have determined that there are specific indicators that significantly increase the likelihood of potential accidents for all fleets,” said Ananth Rani, CEO and co-founder of Azuga. “By educating our customers with these trends and insights, we can help them improve the safety of their drivers and the communities in which they serve quicker and more seamlessly than ever before.”

Azuga’s Accident Risk Model leverages the combined analysis of real accident data from over 6,000 vehicles with individual Driver Scores, which are determined based on the frequency of risky driving behaviors, such as hard braking, acceleration, posted speed limit violations, distractions and fatigue. With the recent investment in innovation by Sumeru Equity Partners, this piece of the business is poised for rapid expansion via new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and block chain solutions.

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