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Trey Johnston

Azuga, Inc.
Trey Johnston

Vice President, Sales


My wife and I live in a small town just outside of Nashville, TN with our three boys. All three of them are avid basketball players, full of energy, and keep us on our toes. To provide for them, I have been involved with the telematics industry since 2004. This has cultivated an inherent drive and joy in me to build relationships with people, listen to their challenges, and help them overcome those obstacles. While that is often accomplished with my company’s offerings, that is not always the case. We want to make sure a partnership is good for both parties - and I love that about Azuga.

We are committed to taking a diverse approach to change a driver's behavior, tailoring reporting and data to our customer's specific needs, and providing a dedicated team that sets the gold standard for a customer's success. When you are ready to review your options for telematics, we would love to schedule a discussion with you. No pressure - just a phone call to help determine if and how we can help you. I think you will find our product to be easy to use, full of features and a fantastic value. Call today to get some time on my calendar. I look forward to our conversation!

Products we offer

Fleet Tracking
Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking Platform built for safety, savings, and insights

Fleet Tracking App

Stay connected with the Fleet Mobile App

Asset Tracking

Protect your high-value equipment with real-time GPS asset tracking


Protect drivers with a dual-facing commercial dash camera

eLogs (ELD)

Avoid fines with an ELD-compliant fleet solution

Driver Safety

Fleet safety and training programs for drivers

Fleet Bundles

Find the package that fits your business

Field Service Management

Reduce operational costs by keeping track of all jobs

How does it work

Sign up with Azuga

Lock in your new Insurance policy

Your bundled rate will automatically apply

Enjoy the benefits of Azuga and the peace of mind of your Insurance policy

Azuga has partnered with various Insurance companes to give you fleet management solution at a discounted price. Not only will you qualify for additional savings with Azuga but you will get the best possible insurance solution to help protect your drivers and business assets.

Unmatched benefits with Next-gen GPS technology

  • Protect Your Drivers - Prevent frivolous lawsuits & reduce risky driving
  • Improve Driver Behavior - Reduce speeding, accidents and decrease liability
  • Optimize Dispatch - Find the nearest vehicle, get them there faster
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction - More accurate ETAs for your jobs
  • Driver Accountability - Real-time visibility of vehicles with GPS tracking
  • Save Cost - Fuel, maintenance, overtime, and wasted operational costs
  • Easy, Free Install - Simple plug & play with an intuitive cloud-based platform


Azuga Fleet Enterprise

Choose the fleet tracking solution that pays off.


Custom Built for Enterprise Fleets

Azuga Fleet is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that helps businesses


Fleet Safety Program Accident Prevention

Fleet Safety Program Accident Prevention


Fleet Tracking Buyers’ Guide

9 Questions You Need to Ask Fleet Tracking Solution Vendors


Why Telematics Customization is the Key to Success

A Path to Success for Commercial Insurance and Fleet




Air Engineers, A Service Experts Company

Drivers have become accustomed to Azuga, are mindful of their driving behavior and the scores have improved dramatically.

Peter Veilleux
Operations Manager, Air Engineers


With Azuga, our billing is now based on mutual trust between the technician and customer. We have 100% confidence that we are billing for actual time, which is beneficial for both All-Lift and our customers.

Jeff Bennett
Controller, All-Lift Ltd.

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