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With more than 20+ combined years in the towing industry helping operations scale their business we’ve turned to our focus on the business that’s been ignored for far too long—tow impound auctions. There are auctions for insurance groups, fleets, off lease vehicles, even for dealers to trade out old inventory. Today, the value of used vehicles, car parts and salvage vehicles are at an all time high.  Towing businesses that manage impounds have more value in their lot than traditional auctions produce.  With Rocket Auction, we bring more buyers to your auction.  More buyers = more bidding = higher sales prices.  Towers can make more money on impounds with Rocket Auction.

Azuga’s Partnership with Rocket Auction

Rocket Auction is fully committed to the towing industry and found a like-minded partner with Azuga.  As both companies offer services to the towing industry, their upcoming integrations with Towbook will help many businesses reach a higher level of efficiency.  You will see Azuga and Rocket Auction continue to promote the towing industry to help businesses be more profitable.

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