Nationwide has established a telematics partnership program

January 22, 2020

Automotive Fleet

AF Staff, Automotive Fleet

Nationwide has established a telematics partnership program to reduce the cost barriers associated with exploring telematics and fleet management solutions with human services businesses and organizations.

Nationwide has partnered with Azuga and Zubie for the new program — the Vantage 360 Premium Partner Program — to offer customers advanced telematics systems with fleet management and GPS tracking capabilities.  

The program is available in New York, New Jersey, and Texas and offers comprehensive fleet management an GPS tracking for qualifying human services organizations at no cost, or a reduced cost.

“Employee and customer safety are top priorities for any business, but for those managing fleet vehicles, the cost of telematics equipment can often prohibit implementing solutions to monitor safe driving and vehicle efficiency,” said Pete Frey, director of Commercial Telematics and Connected Business at Nationwide. “By helping to ease the cost burden for telematics solutions, we feel business owners can more realistically embrace telematics and fleet management and learn from valuable insights that will ultimately help them boost performance and improve the safety of both drivers and customers.”

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