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April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017 Azuga in the NewsNews

By PMP Staff, April 3, 2017
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The Beyond Insurance Global Network (BIGN) has incorporated Azuga Insurance Solutions into its line of network service offerings.
To help its insurance agency members work with customers to reduce risk and to make better decisions about policies and pricing, the BIGN, the fourth-largest insurance network in the U.S., will now offer Beyond Fleet Track powered by Azuga, giving BIGN members and their customers access to tools and data to make effective and smart decisions about fleet operations, driver behavior and risk.

“Helping our network agencies act as differentiated business consultants for their customers and offering the best risk mitigation services and solutions is our top priority,” says Matt O’Neill, managing director, Beyond Insurance. “We chose Azuga as a solution to enhance our members’ commercial vehicle insurance business, enabling them to bring an effective telematics solution to their clients that results in safer driving, lower risk and optimal policy design and pricing through the use of analytics.”

When an insurance agency prices a commercial vehicle policy for a customer, it uses data including zip codes, driver history, vehicle class, industry classification and bankruptcy data as ways to assess risk. Azuga augments this approach, providing in-depth, real-world data about an organization’s actual behaviors across its entire fleet. Azuga’s technology captures and reports on several core vehicle and driver factors, such as:

With this information, insurance agencies can better understand the true risk associated with their commercial fleet base and create right-fit policies across the spectrum of risk. Simultaneously, organizations with fleets that use Azuga’s technology are able to detect high-risk driving behaviors in its mobile workforce and use coaching to eliminate them before they cause accidents, injuries and claims.

“Azuga’s technology was created to shake up the fleet tracking status-quo by using gamification to drive healthy competition among mobile workers centered on smart driving,” says Ananth Rani, co-founder and CEO of Azuga. “We believe this mission will extend well into the insurance industry that is increasingly relying on real-world data delivered by telematics. It’s just another way we are helping our customers reduce driving risks and effortlessly realize ROI.”

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