Azuga, Verizon Wireless to Provide Reliable Wireless M2M Services

January 9, 2015

Fleet Management Weekly

Verizon Wireless will serve as the official wireless network provider for Azuga Fleet, providing reliable performance and real time updates to fleet managers from the field in order to further increase efficiencies in the fleet industry through machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies.

“We chose Verizon Wireless to make Azuga Fleet’s technology even more accessible, simpler and reliable for fleet managers to utilize,” said Vice President and General Manager of Azuga Fleet, Ananth Rani. “Azuga will be expanding its roadmap to encompass products related to IoT (‘Internet-of-Things’) 2015 and we look forward to working with Verizon as we develop these and bring them to market.”

“By working together and combining our superior and most reliable network with Azuga Fleet’s unique driver behavior and rewards solution technology, we will further increase fleet efficiencies and promote safer driving behaviors,” said Verizon Wireless Region President Lauren Love-Wright. “This new service is a simple and quick solution for any fleet manager to rapidly deploy GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior solutions.”

The teamwork between Verizon Wireless and Azuga Fleet directly benefits customers, especially those who face limited network service in various parts of the country. The bundled solution will provide Verizon Wireless coverage to all existing and future Azuga Fleet customers, giving fleet managers the high-speed reliability they need for accurate, real-time reporting.

Verizon Wireless’ M2M services, including secure mobility, device provisioning and troubleshooting are designed to provide the highest level of customer support to Azuga’s customers. This, coupled with the cloud-based, rewards-driven, plug-and-play technology, will save Azuga Fleet customers money, increase overall productivity, enhance company cultures, and most importantly, keep drivers safe at only 70 cents per day per vehicle.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way enterprise businesses engage with, implement and control technology. Verizon is leading the way in such areas as mobile business, networking, cloud storage and security. The thought leaders who work diligently behind the scenes integrate data science and “intelligent” machines into an increasing number of powerful Verizon product solutions and networks. Verizon is co-creating connected products that move data reliably and securely and leverage new forms of data.

Verizon wireless service is now available to Azuga Fleet customers. More information is available at, or at Verizon Wireless.

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