Azuga™ Partners with Global Pest Control Industry-Leader, Steritech®

October 20, 2015


The award-winning connected vehicle solution is preferred by the world’s pest control industry for its data-rich insights and social telematics, which improves fleet safety and delivers effortless ROI


Azuga Fleet™, the award-winning, connected fleet technology, announced its partnership with Steritech® today at Pest World 2015. Used by more than 100 pest control brands globally, Azuga Fleet has solidified its position as a recognized leader in the pest control industry.

The Preferred Pest Control GPS Fleet Solution

Steritech, the national innovator in pest prevention that services 60,000 clients across the globe, utilizes Azuga Fleet’s state-of-the-art, plug-and-play technology to gain data-rich insights that allow companies to make informed decisions that improve driving behavior and dramatically cut costs.

“We selected Azuga Fleet because of its highly-intuitive, feature-complete, easy-to-use technology that was half the price of competing vendors,” said Rich Ennis, CEO of Steritech, which was recently acquired by Rentokil North America. “Immediately upon installation, Azuga’s telematics technology and analytics helped identify and reduce driver risk.”

From October 20-23, Azuga Fleet will showcase its connected vehicle technology at Pest World 2015 at booth #858 in Nashville. Booth visitors will be able to meet with our customer success team to see how the Azuga Fleet solution delivers real-time, data-rich insights to both the driver and fleet manager.

Social Telematics Innovates World’s Pest Control Fleets

Azuga Fleet has combatted common industry challenges such as unauthorized vehicle use, risky driving and driver inefficiencies with a social approach to telematics. Social telematics, a term and service coined by Azuga Fleet, combines driver visibility, gamification, rewards and social sharing to bring a refreshing new approach to fleet telematics. Pest control fleets use the social telematics solution to not only effectively track fleet health and activity, but to empower employees through real-time notifications on their mobile device to work safely and efficiently.

“We’re pleased that the combination of our connected vehicle technology and social telematics, which puts drivers at the center, has positively impacted the pest control industry’s fleet operations,” said Ananth Rani, co-founder and president of Azuga. “This industry is historically dominated by command-and-control ‘big brother’ GPS, but many of our pest control fleets have proved that when you take a more driver-centric approach to telematics, improvements begin to happen across the board, driver retention increases and the return on investment becomes effortless.”

Since the launch in late 2014, Azuga Fleet’s social telematics program has received recognition and awards from Mobile Village, Network Product Guide and, most recently, the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA) during the International CTIA Super Mobility Conference.

To learn more about Azuga Fleet’s connected vehicle, data-rich driver behavior and driver rewards services.

About Azuga

Azuga's connected vehicle solutions are disrupting traditional markets for GPS vehicle tracking, emissions testing and road usage charging. In 2013, Azuga Fleet shook up the traditional GPS vehicle tracking market with industry-first price points, a social approach to telematics, easy-install hardware, lifetime warranties and no contract terms. Azuga Fleet’s cloud-based, plug and play, next generation GPS and driver behavior technology can begin tracking fleets in as little as 30 seconds and for less than 70 cents per day per vehicle. In 2015, Azuga InsightTM helped Oregon pioneer road usage charging as an alternative to the gas tax. Emissions testing and insurance discounts are examples of other benefits that our customers can enjoy with a single device and a future-proof connected vehicle platform from Azuga Insight.

In a powerful combination of Silicon Valley meets Detroit, Azuga works closely with Danlaw, Inc. for automotive grade OBD II and Telematics hardware. Danlaw’s 500+ engineering professionals have been providing cloud-based, connected vehicle telematics solutions and embedded electronics to insurance companies, automotive OEM’s and their Tier-1 supply base for more than 30 years. For more information, visit and follow @Azuga_GPS and @Azuga_Insight on Twitter.

About Steritech

For over 25 years Steritech has been an industry leader and pioneer, providing innovative solutions that drive performance and protect brands. A trusted partner to some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, Steritech helps deliver your ideal brand experience with confidence and consistency. Today, Steritech is the market leader in food safety, quality assurance and customer experience management and the second-largest commercial-only pest prevention provider in North America.

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