Azuga® Selected as Vendor for Nation’s First Interstate Road Usage Charge Pilot

February 6, 2018


SAN JOSE, CALIF. (PRWEB) | February 6, 2018
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Azuga, the leading global provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a vendor for the Washington Road Usage Charge Pilot Project (WA RUC), which will leverage Azuga’s technology for the nation’s first road usage charge pilot to feature testing of financial interoperability between state systems.

WA RUC will partner with the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) OReGO program to research road usage charging as a possible replacement for the gas tax to fund transportation infrastructure projects.

As cars become more fuel efficient, states’ funding for road repair and improvements are declining as those initiatives are typically funded through state gas taxes. Utilizing mileage data collected by technology from Azuga, states such as Oregon, who launched the first-ever pay-per-mile program, along with California, Colorado and now Washington, are working together to explore how a road usage charge could be collected from cross-border and interstate traffic in an efficient and accurate manner.

Azuga’s easy-to-use connected vehicle technology not only provides a means to accurately capture miles driven but also offers functions like subtracting taxes paid at the pump, then, on the state’s behalf, automatically invoicing and collecting net amounts due. In addition, the company’s end-to-end road usage charging solution provides value-added services to keep drivers engaged, such as Parked Car Locator, Trip Logging, Carbon Usage Tracking and the Check Engine Light Decoder.

“Azuga’s telematics technology is seamless, effortless and accurate as it collects mileage data in real time and provides all back-office functions needed to translate mileage into simple, easy to understand road usage charge invoices.” said Nate Bryer, vice president of innovation at Azuga. “We are excited to be a part of Washington’s Road Usage Charge Pilot Project in order to assist the state in its examination of a reliable revenue source to support infrastructure investments for years to come.”

In the coming days, Washington’s pilot project will invite volunteers from all over the state to enroll in the 12-month pilot. Later this winter, Azuga will invite its existing Oregon customers on behalf of both OReGO and the Washington pilot project to participate through the end of the year. Selected volunteers will help both states study interstate interoperability between the two road usage charge programs.

“Washington’s test of interstate interoperability with OReGO will for the first time in the nation, test actual cash transactions between two different states’ road usage charging systems and will advance knowledge on cross-border collection considerations as the nation considers pay-per-mile systems as a possible future funding source.” said Reema Griffith, executive director of the Washington State Transportation Commission.

“The Oregon Department of Transportation designed the OReGO program to be expanded and our team is thrilled to collaborate with our neighbors in Washington,” said Maureen Bock, OReGO program manager.

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