Azuga® Announces the Top Driver and Fleet Manager of its 2017 Safe Driving Awards Program

March 8, 2018


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Connected vehicle technology encourages safer driving, increased productivity and reduces accident rates by up to 70 percent

Azuga, the leading global provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies, today announced the safest driver and fleet manager of 2017 as part of the annual Azuga Fleet Safe Driving Awards. Azuga is happy to announce that Les Lis of Roland Machinery Co. is the Top Driver for 2017 and Jaime Espino of Geokinetics is the Top Fleet Manager for 2017. The awards program, which was launched in 2015, is designed to motivate and incentivize both fleet managers and fleet drivers who make safe driving a key part of their operations and culture through the use of Azuga’s fleet tracking and driver safety scoring solution. A selection of the top safe drivers and fleet managers are recognized on a quarterly basis, and from those quarterly recipients, one driver and one fleet manager are chosen as top drivers of the year.

“Safe driving habits shouldn’t just be something that drivers and fleet managers practice when they’re being monitored. Instead, to truly reduce risk, safe driving behaviors must be encouraged and cultivated so that they become instinctual and automatic, and that’s where Azuga Fleet Mobile’s gamified coaching solution comes in,” said Ananth Rani, co-founder and CEO of Azuga. “I’m incredibly proud to recognize the top driver and fleet manager of 2017 for their exceptional dedication to safety and would like to thank their employers who have adopted our rewards-driven approach to fleet management, making safe driving a priority.”

Azuga is also proud to announce the top drivers and fleet managers from the fourth quarter of 2017:
Fleet Managers:

Recognized drivers and fleet managers have truly embraced Azuga’s rewards-driven approach to telematics, and in doing so have reduced aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding and hard braking by up to 85 percent. Award recipients were identified from a pool of more than 5,000 fleets, and will receive cash, certificates and recognition in industry press and social media.

The Azuga Fleet Safe Driving Award program winners are determined by analyzing all drivers’ safety events (speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, idling) using a proprietary algorithm developed by Azuga’s data science team. Each individual safety component factors in the magnitude, duration, frequency, actual accident and claims data, and spatio-temporal index to determine the conditions under which the events occurred.

For additional information about the selection process for the Azuga Fleet Safe Driving Awards program, click here. Fleet managers who would like tips on how to run a safer, more efficient fleet should follow Azuga’s blog here.

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Azuga is a leading global connected vehicle platform, helping our customers turn data from vehicles and their use into intelligence that improves operations and safety while reducing cost and risk.

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