Azuga® Announces its Safe Driving Awards Program’s Driver and Fleet Manager of the Year

April 12, 2016



Azuga, a leading provider of connected vehicle technology, announces its top driver and fleet manager of 2015 this month. The company congratulates Juanito Hangel of Traf-Tex for Driver of the Year, and Brian Eudy of Auto Tire & Parts Co Inc. for Fleet Manager of the Year. The awards are part of the Azuga Safe Driving Awards program designed to motivate and incentivize both fleet managers and drivers to encourage and practice safer, more efficient driving as well as improve company culture by gamifying drivers’ daily responsibilities. The winners of the prestigious annual award will receive cash rewards, certificates and social media recognition for being number one amongst a pool of more than 50,000 drivers and 5,000 fleet managers.

The Safe Driving Awards program is part of Azuga’s social telematics offering. Social telematics is a term coined by Azuga that combines driver visibility, gamification, employer-funded rewards, social sharing and Azuga-funded awards. Companies participating in the awards program report significant positive shifts in company morale, as well as an increase in overall ROI. Ultimately, Azuga hopes its program creates safer roads in communities across the globe.

“One of the primary reasons we created the awards program was to help our fleet customers adopt Social Telematics and combat the very high employee turnover that their industry faces. I’m proud that more than 100 fleets and their drivers have been recognized to-date, realizing a shift in management culture and safer fleet metrics,” said Ananth Rani, co-founder and president of Azuga. “With this program we continue to differentiate our enterprise-grade GPS Fleet tracking products by focusing on driver recognition as a core theme.”

The top 15 winning drivers and fleets are announced quarterly, then one driver and one fleet manager are chosen as top drivers of the year. The winners are decided both quarterly and annually through a proprietary algorithm developed by Azuga’s data science team. The rankings are calculated by a weighted average of several individual components, including speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration and idling events, each of which considers the magnitude, duration and frequency along with a spatio-temporal index that factors in the conditions under which these events occurred. The quarterly winners’ scores are then compiled and analyzed to determine the annual winners.

“Azuga’s awards program not only provides fun and healthy competition between drivers, but it takes away the notion that ‘big brother’ is always watching, putting a sense of teamwork and trust back into fleet management,” said Eudy. “Not to mention, it’s simply nice to be recognized by a partner for all of your hard work throughout the year.”

Azuga is also proud to announce the top drivers and fleet managers from the first quarter of 2016:
Fleets Managers:

For more information on Azuga’s GPS and driver behavior solutions, and how to enroll in Azuga Fleet’s social telematics program click here. Fleet drivers who would like tips and tricks on how to be a safer, more efficient driver and build how to build their social portfolios should join Azuga’s Awesome Driver group on LinkedIn here.


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