Azuga Partners with CCC to help Insurers with Crash Analysis, FNOL and Claims Automation

December 12, 2017

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John Huetter

Repairer Driven News | December 6, 2017
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CCC  on Wednesday declared its CCC X telematics data exchange open for business and announced 14 more companies which would give and receive information via the platform.

A data exchange is a way of translating a variety of different information inputs from different companies and data collection technology into a standardized format useful to end users like insurers, repairers and OEMs. CCC spokesman Pete Wiltjer wrote in an email Thursday that the exchanges “are going to change the face of the automotive world.”

“Powered by the hyperscale CCC ONE™ platform (CCC ONE), CCC X can aggregate and normalize connected data from a rich variety of sources, including beacons, dongles, mobile applications, fleet and professional devices, and connected cars,” the information provider wrote in a news release Wednesday. “CCC X can pass that data to customers on the CCC network through software-driven workflows that serve the automotive ecosystem. Data accessed via CCC X can be deeply integrated into existing insurer business operations for UBI programs, underwriting, increased claims automation, and more. Similarly, it can be integrated into software services for repairers on the CCC network.”

CCC is already handling data from a variety of sources, notably its own telematics crash detection and analysis and electronic first notice of loss system CCC DRIVE. On Wednesday, it announced it was adding the following contributors/users:

“We’re thrilled to add these providers to our network,” CCC telematics general manager Mac Fraser said in a statement. “Each brings valuable data to the broad automotive ecosystem, which can be directly and seamlessly delivered to OEMs, insurers, collision repairers, and other interested parties. We look forward to working with each of them and welcoming more data sources to CCC X.”

Fraser said CCC X data would feed CCC ONE users and their customers.

“The true value of connected data is rooted in what you can do with it,” Fraser said in a statement.“Unlike other exchanges, CCC X enables customers to put connected data to work. It works in conjunction with the CCC ONE platform where data is enriched, becomes more meaningful, is easily shared with users who value it, and can then be deployed into real-life experiences for our customers and the consumers they support.”

You can imagine the benefits to a CCC ONE-using shop and insurer with such partners on the data exchange. Here’s one hypothetical scenario that seems feasible given CCC’s capabilities and descriptions of its partners:

CCC DRIVE detects and analyzes a collision. Baron describes the weather conditions at the time so the insurer can look at contributory factors (or fraud), and Vehcon spits out the VIN, odometer and build data so the shop has a sense of the scope of the repair. gets notice of the crash, and dispatches a tow truck to take the owner to their preferred shop (or a certified or DRP shop recommended by an OEM or insurer). The system draws on a history of similar crashes’ diagnostic scans from asTech, AirPro, and AutoEnginuity technology to predict what might be wrong electronically and add relevant procedures to the estimate. And this information is all available immediately.

“Key among the experiences CCC X can help transform is the claims and repair process,” CCC wrote in a news release. “CCC X can ingest crash data at the point of impact and because of CCC’s deep integration in claims that data can be used to increase the digitization of the claims process – including first notice of loss, determining the potential severity of injuries, estimating damage severity, repair scheduling, and beyond. CCC has processed over $1 trillion of historical claims and repair estimates.”

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