Azuga names top driver and fleet manager, gets some awards of its own

May 20, 2016

Fleet Owner

Connected vehicle and telematics technology company Azuga recently named its top driver and fleet manager for last year and was recognized itself for its expanded fleet management offering.

As part of the company’s “social telematics” offering, Azuga’s Safe Driving Awards program aims to motivate and incentivize fleet managers and drivers to practice and encourage safer, more efficient driving while improving company culture.

Juanito Hangel of Traf-Tex is Azuga’s Driver of the Year and Brian Eudy of Auto Tire & Parts Co. is Fleet Manager of the Year. The winners of the annual awards receive cash rewards, certificates and social media recognition for being number one in a pool of more than 50,000 drivers and 5,000 fleet managers.

Azuga’s “social telematics” product, which combines driver visibility, gamification, employer-funded rewards, social sharing and Azuga-funded awards. Companies participating in the awards program report significant positive shifts in company morale, according to the company, as well as an increase in overall ROI.

Meanwhile, Azuga also announced that its product, Fleet Mobile, was honored with four industry awards shortly after hitting the market. CTIA, The Cloud Awards, The Mobile Village and Network Product Guide all validated Azuga’s “easy-to-use and highly effective mobile solution as a leader in the telematics industry,” Azuga states.

The Fleet Mobile gamification and rewards mobile application has been installed in 20% of its customers’ vehicles, according to Azuga, and works in conjunction with its OBD-II port technology to report information such as engine health and driver behavior to fleet managers’ and drivers’ handheld devices. The application also incorporates a social telematics program that combines gamification, driver rewards, industry-wide rewards and driver visibility features.

Recent Azuga recognitions include:

• The Cloud Awards—Best in mobile, first place winner.

• Cellular Telephone Industries Assn. E-Tech Awards—Mobile cloud, 2nd place.

• Network Product Guide IT World Awards—New products or service, bronze medal.

• Mobile Village Mobile Stars Awards—Mobile GPS or fleet tracking, rising star.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized by these national and international organizations for our expanded fleet management offering,” stated Ananth Rani, co-founder and president of Azuga. “This recognition and the highly successful rollout of our mobile technology in 2015 would not have been possible without the hard work and impeccable execution of our engineering and data science teams. These are wins our entire organization can be proud of.”

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