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February 9, 2018

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The fleet technology was designed to help improve operations and manage assets.

Azuga, a provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies, announced the launch of Azuga Asset Tracker. The latest technology in the company’s line of fleet solutions was designed to enhance customers’ real-time visibility of assets, ultimately helping them improve operations, reduce risk and lower costs. The solutions incorporate purpose-built asset tracking devices that integrate with Azuga’s cloud-based application for real-time monitoring and operations management, and simplifies delivery, service, recovery and billing for assets deployed in the field.

For businesses where vehicle fleets and assets play a key role in operations including transportation, construction and rental equipment providers among others, combining asset tracking with a fleet monitoring solution adds an important layer of reporting and control to fleet and field operations.

“Azuga Asset Tracker gives businesses the data they need to efficiently manage assets, save time and money and help deliver the best service possible,” said Ananth Rani, Azuga’s founder and CEO. “In combination with data science, this device gives our customers the enterprise-grade, one-stop solution they need to maximize visibility across their workers, vehicles and assets.”

Azuga’s asset tracking solution offers two different devices for different use cases – Azuga Long Life Asset Tracker and Azuga’s Rechargeable Asset Tracker. The long-life asset-tracking device is ruggedized and weatherproof with a battery life of up to five years at one location ping per day and ideal for long deployments on non-powered assets, such as containers, trailers, tanks, portable restrooms and many others. The six-month rechargeable asset-tracking hardware is weatherproof and can be connected to 12-volt or 24-volt power sources, and best used for tracking powered assets that may sit in an off position for periods of time, such as generators, powered signs, portable lights and more.

Azuga Asset Tracker is now available for all current Azuga Fleet customers. Visit to learn more.

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