Azuga identifies and rewards top-performing fleets, drivers for 2020

October 31, 2020


Aaron Huff, CCJ

Fleet telematics systems capture a wide range of driver behaviors and performance metrics, and managers use that data to identify problem areas to coach drivers towards improvement. Many fleets also give drivers visibility into their own metrics and peer rankings to gamify the work experience with incentives and rewards.

The gamification of the driving experience comes easily for fleets that use a telematics platform from Azuga. Whether or not fleets decide to tie the safety and performance metrics from the platform to their own incentives or rewards, Azuga enters their drivers into its own quarterly contest.

The system can be deployed either as a stand-alone smartphone app or with a device that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostics port. Azuga’s cloud-based platform comes with a built-in rewards management platform that thousands of fleets use worldwide.

Whether or not fleets use the platform for their own rewards, every quarter Azuga recognizes the top fleet managers and drivers across all of its customers and awards cash prizes and gift certificates. The top cash award is $300.

“We are always focused on cultural change,” said Ananth Rani, chief executive officer. For the first time, the company added productivity and hard work metrics to its Fleet Driver Performance Scorecard, which it uses to determine the winners for the second quarter of 2020.

Azuga mobile app for fleet management
Azuga’s fleet management system has a mobile app that gives drivers a scorecard with incentives.

Azuga’s fleet management system has a mobile app that gives drivers a scorecard with incentives.

Azuga analyzed more than 100,000 drivers, covering more than 500 million miles, in Q2 to rank the top fleets by industry and driver. Drivers were scored on three indexes: safety, productivity and hard work. Azuga’s system assigns a score for different variables that include hard braking, hard acceleration, number of trips made in a given day and miles traveled per hour.

Each driver receives an overall score, as well as a score for each index. The indexes had a maximum score of 50 for safety, 25 for productivity and 25 for hard work that were calculated as follows:

The data showed that disinfecting and pest control services had the top score overall with 46.6, followed by local trucking fleets at 46 and plumbing/HVAC at 45.6.

Plumbing/HVAC drivers were the safest fleets with an average score of 37.3. Fleet drivers performing electrical work were the second safest fleet at 36.1. Disinfecting and pest control fleets were both the hardest working and most productive fleets.

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