Azuga Enhances Fleet Telematics Integration

March 29, 2018

Fleet News Daily

Fleet News Daily | March 29, 2018
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The fleet world is becoming even  more connected with Azuga, which has announced the launch of Azuga Marketplace™, a new digital platform that connects fleet customers with IoT sensors and back office applications to help customers streamline operations, improve customer service and reduce costs.

The suite of integrated applications, which includes tools such as fuel card integrations, video monitoring, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, seamlessly operates with Azuga software to help fleet managers reduce time spent on duplicative tasks between standalone applications.

“The Azuga Marketplace further enhances our value to our customers by tying critical field data with incumbent customer applications to provide better operational insight,” said Ananth Rani, CEO and co-founder of Azuga. “Azuga’s fleet tracking technology solutions already provide measurable ROI to our customers by reducing costs that typically result from employees’ risky driving behaviors, unexpected vehicle maintenance and inefficient routes. With the addition of Azuga Marketplace, customers will now be able to leverage their existing investments in back office applications and IoT sensors in connected vehicles.”

By combining Azuga’s fleet telematics solutions with the applications available through Azuga Marketplace, like Elite EXTRA, Salesforce and Milsoft Utility Solutions, fleet managers can now oversee payroll, dispatching, billing and other fleet-related tasks within the same software that they use to manage routes and monitor driver behavior. Additionally, by generating reports that demonstrate its technicians are practicing safe driving behaviors, businesses can also work with their insurance carrier on premium reductions.

“Azuga Marketplace’s modern software architecture enables us to integrate much faster than legacy fleet telematics vendors,” said Jim Ward, president of Elite EXTRA, an Azuga partner that offers real-time SaaS route optimization for logistics. “This integration fosters the development of truly intelligent end-to-end mobile apps that will impact all aspects of fleet operations that need dispatch and route optimization functionality.”

Check out the demo of Azuga Marketplace:

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