Aaron’s Partners with Azuga to Deliver Next-Generation GPS and Driver Behavior Solutions to its Fleet

July 16, 2015

Fleet Management Weekly

With over 7,000 fleet drivers, Aaron’s now receives comprehensive coverage of next-generation GPS functionality, which combines GPS with driver rewards, vehicle health and plug-and-play installation. In only 6 months, Aaron’s has been able to generate a powerful ROI across different areas: reduction in idling, increased safety and longer truck life.

“We selected Azuga for its comprehensive functionality spanning GPS tracking, rewards-driven driver behavior solutions and engine diagnostics,” said Lewis Allen, senior manager fleet operations at Aaron’s. “We were able to improve many aspects of our fleet operations within the first three months of deploying Azuga. Its reliability, accuracy and value are unlike traditional hard-installed GPS systems. In addition, their social telematics feature allows us to further motivate and incentivize employees as well as to continue find new sources of ROI.”

“We’re pleased that our technology has positively impacted Aaron’s fleet safety, cost efficiency and ability to serve customers,” said Ananth Rani, co-founder and president of Azuga. “Aaron’s is one of the first companies to adopt Azuga‘s new driver centric social telematics features in an industry which was historically dominated by command-and-control ‘big brother’ GPS.”

Social telematics, a term and service coined by Azuga, combines driver visibility, gamification, employer-funded rewards, social sharing and Azuga-funded awards to bring a refreshing new approach to fleet telematics in 2015. With social telematics, everyone is a winner and this helps customers receive effortless ROI from their GPS fleet tracking implementations.

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