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Schedule a demo of Azuga asset tracking.

Good for drivers. Great for business.

See for yourself how Azuga’s Asset Tracker will help you locate and manage your assets and vehicles all in one powerful solution.

Azuga asset tracking delivers real benefits.

Whether monitoring machinery in the field, tracking deliveries, coordinating service operations, or helping your team locate equipment and trailers quickly and efficiently, Azuga’s GPS asset tracking devices help you find and report on the whereabouts of your important assets in the same easy-to-use interface that you use for vehicles. Get better operational control, reduced risk and lower costs.

During the demo, you'll see:

  • Azuga’s web-based portal and its easy-to-use features including live maps, asset groupings, alerts, and more
  • Customizable that let you define geofences, landmarks, and alerts
  • Detailed reports that show asset activity, utilization, and location history
  • Azuga delivers real benefits that are good for your drivers and great for your business.