I-95 Corridor Coalition

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About the Program

Departments of Transportation in Pennsylvania and Delaware, along with many other states in the region, expect to have up to 1,000 volunteers participate in Phase 2 of the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Mileage-Based User Fee (MBUF) Pilot. The pilot is designed to further explore the feasibility of replacing the current fuel tax system with MBUF in a multi-state environment. Additionally, the viability of leveraging the MBUF system to handle tolls along the I-95 Corridor will be examined using Azuga’s easy-to-use connected car technology.

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Only simulated funds are used for this pilot.

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Tolling—for a select group of participants. Azuga’s easy-to-use connected car technology accurately captures proximity to toll stations and tallies tolls for fair monthly assessments. Though, no actual funds will be transferred as part of the pilot.

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For more information go to www.i95coalitionmbuf.org (enrollment is closed as of Aug. 23, 2019)

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