Avoid the increased Oregon vehicle registration fee

June 16, 2020

Imagine the joy you might feel after purchasing a new car. You can’t wait to become fully acquainted with your new wheeled companion and look forward to making memories together. But then a sting hits you. It’s time to register.

When purchasing a car in Oregon, people typically pay four year’s worth of vehicle registration fees upfront. For most vehicle owners, this is not exactly an easy pill to swallow; nor is it any more thrilling having to pay large fees every two years thereafter. As of January 2020, Oregon state legislation increased those fees for electric and high-MPG vehicles—vehicles with a 40-miles per gallon rating or better. At first-time registration, this can add up to hundreds of dollars and fees will increase again in 2022.

There’s also good news.

Oregon’s new legislation dictates that electric and high-MPG vehicles do not have to pay the fee increases as long as they are enrolled in OReGO, the state’s pay per mile tax program. Instead, OReGO drivers pay only the base registration ($43 per year) and a simple 1.8 cents per mile driven on Oregon roads. If they buy fuel or drive across state borders, they are also credited for gas tax paid at the pump and for out-of-state miles. Depending on how much they drive, owners of electric and high-MPG vehicles can still save money while paying per-mile fees each month. But how, you ask, is this possible? It seems tracking, reporting, and paying for monthly mileage would be a hassle rife with headache and disdain.

Enter Azuga Insight. Certified by the Oregon Department of Transportation as a technology provider for OReGO, Azuga offers specialized connected car technology to program participants. With Azuga, you can enjoy FREE, premium services with or without GPS, and completely independent of—and invisible to—the government.

Enjoy private, convenient services such as the following:

  • “Check Engine” code alerts
  • Battery voltage readings (for non-EVs)
  • Automated, remote emissions service for on-the-go testing
  • Detailed road usage charge reports
  • Mapped driving logs (optional)
  • Location alerts to monitor teen drivers (optional)
  • GPS-enabled, out-of-state mileage deductions (optional)
  • ...and more.

For the first time in history, motorists in Oregon are able to become intimately connected with their vehicles—all while contributing to the greater revolution toward fair, sustainable transportation funding. Signup now and avoid the sting of registration fees.

Learn more about Azuga Insight for OReGO and how Oregon vehicle owners can get remote, automated emissions testing for FREE. You can also get more information on OReGO and registration fee changes via Oregon.gov.

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