Caltrans Picks Four Companies For Road Charge Pilot Program

March 16, 2016

TI News Today

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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) said late last week that it has chosen four firms to supply account-management services to the volunteers involved in the California Road Charge Pilot program, which is set to begin this summer.

The goal of the program is to determine the quality and options at each company and how they operate in practical, real-life situations before launching the new system in California.

Volunteers will drive passenger vehicles using either Azuga or Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) to manage their road charge mileage account. These drivers also have the option of using a state-run account management service from Arvato Mobility Solutions. Accounts involving heavy vehicles must use EROAD Inc.

All four companies will provide full-range mileage report options, from a manual odometer to automated reporting using vehicle telematics. These reports are recommended by the Caltrans Commission’s Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee.

IMS, Azuga and EROAD also offer vehicle health reports and driver-safety feedback without any additional cost during the pilot program. In addition, Driveway Inc. and Vehcon Inc. will support the account managers and offer smartphone options.

The volunteers will be able to find detailed information on their account management decisions beginning this May. In June, they can select an account manager.

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