Azuga Begins Signing Up Participants As OReGO Road Usage Charge Program Is Launched

July 1, 2015

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Azuga Brings Value Added Services To Oregon Drivers Who Enroll In Nation’s First Pay Per Mile Program

Portland, Ore. (PRWEB) July 01, 2015

Azuga today began signing up the first drivers in Oregon to enroll in OReGO, the nation’s first pay-by-the-mile program that was launched today by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

From the moment they plug an Azuga device into their car’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port, drivers will be able to benefit from a variety of value added services that complement their participation in the OReGO program. Azuga provides a suite of connected car services based on data already being produced by a vehicle. With Azuga Insight, drivers get an easy, accurate method of obtaining information about their vehicle’s use and driving habits, which can provide for increased safety, potential costs savings and peace of mind.

The list of useful features immediately available to drivers who sign-up with Azuga includes:

Qualified Oregon drivers can sign-up for the Azuga Insight program at no charge for two years by visiting In a few months, drivers will be able to access these additional features, also free of charge:

“We’re extremely excited to help enable the pioneering OReGO program,” said Nate Bryer, vice president of innovation at Azuga. “In addition to providing a secure a method to account for their pay-per-mile road usage, Azuga taps into the digital exhaust coming of the car’s on-board computers and helps drivers drive safer and save money. The Azuga Insight cloud-based, social telematics technology system provides drivers with access to this useful information from their smart phone, tablet or computer.”

How It Works

Once drivers who enroll via the Azuga Website are approved by ODOT, which is limiting participation of the OReGO test program to 5,000 total vehicles in various categories, they receive an OBD device from Azuga. The customer plugs in the device and sets up a payment method for funding their digital wallet, which is used to pay RUC fees. Each month, Azuga submits the customer’s RUC fees to ODOT on behalf of the customer. Azuga only sends mileage data and RUC data to ODOT. No other information such as location, speed or behaviors will is shared with ODOT. All data is sent directly from the device to the Azuga servers. No data from an Azuga device in a car ever stops at ODOT servers.

RUC is calculated once daily and the charges are then subtracted from the customer’s wallet. With Azuga Insight, RUC calculation takes into account fuel usage and the taxes the customer already paid at the pump. Azuga Insight OReGO customers only pay the difference between the 1.5c per mile Road Usage Charge and the fuel taxes they already paid at the pump.

About Azuga

Azuga is a connected vehicle solutions company that builds software that lets people and businesses connect with their cars and get insights that help them become more engaged drivers. Azuga works closely with Danlaw, Inc. for GPS, driver behavior and fuel tracking hardware. Danlaw’s 300+ engineering professionals have been providing cloud-based, connected vehicle telematics solutions and embedded electronics to Insurance Companies, Automotive OEM’s and their Tier-1 supply base for more than 30 years. For more information, visit and follow @AzugaInsight on Twitter.

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