Azuga Advances Per-Mile Charge Research in Oregon Pilot

July 25, 2021

Work Truck Staff

Work Truck Staff

Azuga, a GPS Fleet Tracking company, announced Feb. 18 it has been selected by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) as the account management provider for its local-level road usage pricing research project, the OReGO Local Road Usage Charge (RUC) Pilot. Commencing this month, the six-month project will closely examine and validate applications for road usage charging as it relates to designated high-traffic areas during peak times and duration of travel in congested corridors. The study will also test multi-layered road charging applications (e.g. how to assess usage fees on a vehicle driving in a congestion zone that is also within a larger, overlying pricing zone).

With Azuga’s technology, ODOT aims to evaluate whether road usage charging models can be effective solutions for congestion pricing. The pilot will consist of three specific use-case scenarios for simulation. Areas to be tested include the central business district, Multnomah County, and high-traffic highways. Drivers will not be charged during this pilot and all motorists have been carefully approved for participation.

The OReGO Local RUC Pilot is the newest of several road usage charge projects to launch in Oregon and begins nearly six years after the start of the state’s inaugural road usage charging program, OReGO. Azuga Insight, a road charging product, has been the most popular selection for participants in OReGO since 2015 and is still accepting new participants. In addition to road usage charge management and auto-pay services, Azuga offers free features such as engine trouble code help, remote emissions testing, private non-location services, and more.

For governments seeking more information about Azuga Insight, Azuga’s road usage charging product, click here.

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