Why state governments choose Azuga

November 16, 2020

As they rethink how to fund the Highway Trust Fund, policymakers across the nation are looking to industry-leading technology providers to help plan, implement, and operate road usage charge (RUC) systems. These user-pay systems are being designed to ultimately phase out fuel tax revenues as a means of paying for our roads. Though easier to implement than other proposed solutions, RUC systems must be delicately orchestrated. Transition plans, program operation, and built-in growth capabilities are complex and require precise know-how.

Rising above the competition in experimentation and practice, Azuga has been integral to numerous RUC projects in the U.S. and continually consults state and regional leaders on similar systems. Azuga is leading the pack, so to speak, as the ideal technology partner in RUC and beyond.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly why Azuga is the alpha. Here are 10 reasons.

1.Azuga has unrivaled experience

We went first. Since the first American RUC pilot in 2015, the Azuga Insight platform has been integral to 13 RUC projects to-date in the U.S., making Azuga the nation’s most experienced and reliable RUC system provider in the market. Azuga masters the user-pays process with time-tested methods, precise timelines, and the ability to pivot according to evolving customer needs. 

2.Our solution is cost-effective

Azuga’s industry-leading RUC solution meets or beats the cost of tolling. Our low operation and customer support costs keep project expenses to a minimum; high volumes of users cut these costs exponentially. Azuga is ready to come to the planning table with a complete, end-to-end solution with exhaustive checklists. There is no need to build from scratch. 

3.Azuga Insight is private and secure

As a partner to a government entity, we feel the full weight of the responsibility we have to uphold the public’s trust and respect. Azuga provides security essential to citizen-centric government programs by protecting end users’ private information (including location data) and maintaining business-government separation. Our data is encrypted, stored on secure servers, and destroyed on a periodic basis per government requirements. End users can rest assured that neither their location nor personal data is shared with the government.

4.We’re quick and reliable

Azuga is backed by an industry-leading equity partner and holds a long-standing partnership with the nation’s leading OBDII device engineer, giving us a unique ability to quickly and easily scale to demand. Our financial stability and speed to market make Azuga an ideal partner for any project—whether it be a small group test, statewide pilot, or nationwide mandate. 

5.The Azuga Insight platform is adaptable

As vehicle models vary widely, so do the individual needs and privacy preferences of vehicle owners. Continually innovating with this in mind, Azuga provides a mileage recording option for everyone to comfortably participate in an RUC program. Ranging from manual entry to GPS-enabled plug-in devices, Azuga has the ability to cover 100% of all vehicles, from 1940s models to the hot-off-the-assembly-line vehicles of today.

6. We’re the all-in-one solution

Government agencies seeking a reliable, growth-minded technology provider need look no further than Azuga. A one-stop solution for any RUC system, Azuga provides mileage-reporting devices, implements and manages original software, and provides complete customer support. Our Data eXchange platform allows seamless integration with government systems (e.g. Department of Transportation, Department of Motor Vehicles, etc.) as well as third-party mileage reporting vendors (such as automobile manufacturers or insurance companies, etc.). 

7.Don’t worry about tomorrow—we’re future-proof

Each RUC program is unique to the needs of the region it serves and Azuga accordingly. Our versatile platform is capable of multiple layers of pricing (local, municipal, state, and federal) and can seamlessly transition to many applications such as congestion-based pricing, transportation research, tolling, and many more. What’s more, Azuga’s plug-n-play technology provides an easy transition for end users without repetitive updates nor additional infrastructure needs. 

8.We add value for everyone involved

Azuga’s suite of value-added services creates a positive experience for end users and boosts public interest. Connected car technology is still new to many motorists and serves as a perfect fusion point to get them excited about the future. Azuga’s premium features include practical and convenient services such as “Check Engine” light help, battery voltage reports, Safe Zones for monitoring teen drivers, self-initiated emissions testing, and more. Both GPS-enabled and non-location options are available to fit all privacy preferences.

9.The Azuga handshake is personal

The Azuga team approaches government contracts with a one-on-one partnership mentality that has enabled us to fully support regulatory agencies in highly productive and flexible working relationships. We sit at the table with government officials, program management consultants, and testers to personally understand challenges and to engineer precise answers.

10.We collaborate with like-minded organizations

To date, we have partnered with over a dozen RUC projects and contributed to numerous panels and studies. We’ve joined meaningful conversations with policymakers, automobile manufacturers, transportation officials, and others who are reimagining how we can protect and invest in our roads and bridges. If you would like to learn more about Azuga Insight or request a consultation, please send your inquiry to azugainsightinfo@azuga.com

For these reasons and all the benefits in between, Azuga is leading the way in the design, implementation, and operation of road usage charging programs. We hope you will join us on the horizon to a new and brighter future for our roads and the communities of people who depend on them.
Come see our premium service offerings to program participants and check out our active programs by visiting www.azuga.com/insight/drivers.

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