Accuracy Plus

GPS fleet tracking is supposed to show you all vehicle activity and detailed data such as when and where idling happens, and who’s doing it, and for how long.

With some GPS fleet trackers though, it’s as if you kept your eyes shut 9 out of every 10 seconds. The result: large gaps in critical information. For example, the length of time a driver exceeds a speed limit is closely tied to the likelihood of a crash. Less-accurate systems don’t reveal this crucial timing. Also, most systems don't talk directly to the engine: When it comes to crucial money-saving information on fuel used and idling, they are guessing and even worse, overstating idling information. Inaccurate idling information unfairly penalizes the driver and you too - in states where EPA idling rules are being tightly enforced. Not only does our device "read" the engine, but through Azuga FuelSaver, we are able to capture fueling events, siphoning events, and can even point out the nearest and cheapest gas stations to your drivers who are low on fuel.

Only Azuga™ gives you crucial — and actionable — information other systems don't. And, how the difference is bleeding your cash every day.

Super-accurate Azuga G2™ technology lets you see it all, with every driver, 24/7. You don’t miss a thing because Azuga’s proven OBDII device from a major Detroit manufacturer “reads” your vehicle’s engine data up to 60 times more often than other GPS fleet tracking systems .

Everything is measured, accurate, and specific giving you a detailed “data snapshot” of each driver’s behavior, and giving you the real story about what’s really happening on the road!