Enterprise-Grade Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking

No matter the size or mix of your fleet, Azuga has the right track & trace solution for your organization.

Azuga provides a plug and play GPS device that installs in seconds and captures everything from driver behavior (speeding, idling, hard cornering, sudden acceleration and braking) to fuel usage and vehicle health. Perfect for light-duty vehicles (class 1-4), Azuga’s device “reads” the engine and captures fueling events, siphoning events, and can even point out the nearest and cheapest gas stations when your drivers are low on fuel.

Super-accurate Azuga technology lets you see it all, because our OBDII device reads your vehicle’s engine data up to 60 times more often than traditional GPS fleet tracking systems. Everything is measured, accurate and specific, giving you a detailed picture of each driver’s behavior and the real story about what’s happening on the road!

Plus, Azuga’s pricing is amazing: Enterprise grade fleet tracking for less than 85¢ per day per vehicle, low installation costs, and a lifetime warranty!

We also have J-BUS J1939 and J1708 that captures everything our OBDll device can, on heavy duty and long haul trucking vehicles , class 4-8.


Track and trace mapping with up to 2 minute tracking intervals, plus clustering support for large vehicle populations, directional arrows and a landmark search bar to quickly identify and dispatch the nearest driver to a particular locale.

For fleet owners who don’t want to track driver location, Azuga allows users to shut off location tracking and leverage the Azuga platform to monitor assets and vehicle health instead.


Set up geofences around frequented destinations, customer locations, and other points of interest to quickly identify arrival and departure times of your drivers. Receive automated alerts anytime a driver enters or exits a geofence and create ‘hands free’ timecards and job reporting capabilities.


The Azuga dashboard is a one-stop summary report that breaks down safety and efficiency metrics for each driver. Set up goals for your fleet and receive real-time analytics on how these changes are impacting your cash flow.

Fuel Card Integration

Integrate your third-party fuel card (such as a WEX®, 360 OTR, or Apex Fuel Cards) with Azuga platform to get 100% accurate reporting on gallons of fuel purchased, price per gallon, and the total cost of fueling events—all in one place, at no additional cost.

Vehicle History Trails

Virtually ride shotgun with your drivers — track your driver’s day-to-day routine and driving behavior, and playback important driving behavior data in the event of an accident.

Azuga offers a full range of driving behavior alerts, all in real-time:

  • Hard braking
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Hard cornering
  • Fueling events
  • Idling events
  • Entry/exit into geofences
  • Speeding start/end times

Driver Scorecards

Ultimately, lowering fleet operating costs has a lot to do with changing  driver behavior. Use Azuga Driver Scoring to profile and rank each driver’s performance with safety and efficiency scores. Scores are calculated using driver behavior data (speeding, idling, hard braking, etc.) and the context (weather, time of day, and geography) of where these behaviors took place. For example, a driver who speeds at night in icy road conditions will lose more points than a driver who commits the same speeding violation on a hot summer day.

In addition to driver scorecards, every quarter Azuga sends awards and prizes to 10 of the best drivers and 10 of the best fleets in the United States. We award over $2,000 in cash and gift cards to the winners. We are committed to helping you incent your drivers to maintain safer, more efficient driving habits.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Improve fuel economy and the lifespan of your vehicles with vehicle health alerts. DTC codes are sent along with the Check Engine Light alert. This lets you see mechanical issues as they happen in real-time, so you can proactively repair your vehicles before larger issues arise. Plus, the Low Battery Alert feature automatically alerts you when a vehicle’s battery level falls below a certain threshold.

Scheduled Maintenance

Improperly inflated tires, dirty air filters, misfiring cylinders—all of these things drastically reduce fuel economy, and often happen without the knowledge of either drivers or fleet managers. Azuga provides alerts for a wide range of maintenance items, including air filter replacements, oil changes, tire rotations, radiator flushes and over 15 other key items based on engine run time, mileage interval or time interval, so you can keep your fleet running optimally.

Robust Reporting

Get real-time and scheduled reports that can be run at your convenience and delivered to your inbox. Summary reports break down fuel usage, MPG, total operating costs, number of stops, stop time, distance travelled, driving behavior (such as hard-braking, speeding, idling, and sudden acceleration) for each driver. Trip-by-trip analytics are available as well, at the click of a mouse.

Standard reports are user-configurable down to 2 minutes. Faster report times, such as 30-second reporting intervals, are available based on specific requirements.

Find the Closest Driver

Locate the closest vehicle within a chosen radius around an address or landmark and get an ETA to that location based on Google driving directions with weather and traffic overlays.

Security- and Role-Based Hierarchy

Security levels and assignments are user-configurable with an unlimited number of sub-users. Users may be assigned to one or more security levels with precise granularity on what parts of Azuga’s web application they can access.

Data Storage

Most data is maintained for life with special on-demand reports available, which leverage Big Data technologies to take your decision-making resources to another level.

Built for the Cloud, From the Ground Up

Azuga is deployed in a global cloud infrastructure, with geographic redundancies built-in. Our software was born in the cloud, it wasn’t forklifted there. This is one of the many reasons why we’re able to offer Azuga at much lower costs than legacy GPS systems.

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