Azuga Driver Safety

Unsafe driving causes significant out-of-pocket expenses, increases liability, and most importantly puts lives in jeopardy.  On average, a wreck costs employers $22,000 plus $110,000 per injury, not including impacts on workers comp, vehicle insurance and other operating costs.  Azuga offers unique solutions to monitor, measure and prevent unsafe driving.

Azuga DriveSafe:
Preventing Distracted Driving

In 2012, 421,000 people in the U.S. were injured in vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver—that’s 28% of all accidents. In fact, studies show that distracted drivers are 23 times more likely to be in an accident than a compliant driver.

Azuga DriveSafe is an award-winning distracted driving prevention technology that uses the Azuga device coupled with a cell phone application to reduce the temptation to call, email, text or surf the web while driving. The application is easy to setup, customize and manage via a secure web portal.

How DriveSafe Works

Always-on activation and active compliance monitoring delivers peace of mind and fleet safety.

DriveSafe Key Features

  • Stop texting, emailing, surfing and calls when driving

  • Custom policies for each driver to allow certain phone numbers

  • Comply with federal and state laws

Reduce talking and texting when vehicles are in motion by simply installing Azuga DriveSafe on the driver’s Android phone. Once the vehicle starts moving, the app will monitor compliance with your corporate policies and alert you to violations. Policies can be applied at the individual driver level to disable alerts for communications from selected parties, such as spouses, the office and the driver’s children. With tougher distracted driving laws springing up around the country—including fines up to $10,000 for the employers of people driving company vehicles—this is now a must-have for safety-conscious fleets.

Azuga SpeedSafe:
Posted Speed Limit Alerts

Aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding not only reduce fuel mileage by up to 33%, they are used by the insurance industry as a leading indicator of liability and risk. Excessive speed is a major factor in 30% of fatal truck accidents, causing 1,600 deaths in the U.S. each year.

Most GPS solutions only offer a basic speeding alert that tracks speeds over 60 mph.  You would never know if one of your drivers is going 55 mph and a 25 mph school zone. With Azuga SpeedSafe, fleet managers receive speed alerts with reference to the posted speed limit—alerting you to overspeed events on residential streets, local roads and in school zones. Going beyond simple control, with SpeedSafe fleet managers also receive reporting and analytics to quickly identify problem areas and train drivers over time. SpeedSafe can reduce excessive speeding and thereby reduce accident risk.

Standard Safety-Related Features

Safety starts with monitoring your driver’s day-to-day operations. Azuga enables you to virtually ride shotgun with your drivers, and play back important driving behavior data when accidents occur.  Our breadcrumb reports provide a full range of driver safety event alerts, including hard braking, sudden acceleration, speeding and hard cornering, as well as fueling events, idling events, entry/exit into geofences, speeding start/end times, and more—all in real-time.

Unauthorized Vehicle Usage

Safety is about having complete control over all aspects of your fleet, including when it is acceptable to use company vehicles.  Azuga enables you to set up parameters and create automated alerts to inform you when a vehicle is in use during unauthorized times.

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