Azuga DriveSafe

Prevent it before it happens. With Azuga DriveSafe, you can prevent talking and texting when the vehicle is in motion. Simply install the Azuga DriveSafe app on the driver's phone. Once the vehicle starts moving, the app locks down the screen and only allows phone numbers that you and your employee decide on. Policies can be applied at the individual driver level to allow certain calls and texts (e.g. allow incoming calls from home, the office and school). Remember, the fine for an incident can be up to $11,500 (the driver is liable for up to $1500 and the company up to $10,000). With laws tightenting up around the country, this is now a must-have for all safety-conscious fleets.

Key Statistics on Distracted Driving......

of accidents are caused by using mobile devices while driving
Average highway crash cost for organization
people injured or killed reported involving distracted driving in 2009
more likely to have an accident while texting/email (According to a VTTI study)