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"I have no doubt that when I need help, I can call our Azuga account representative and I’ll get my question answered or my problem fixed fast."

Sarah Rottmann

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About THINKLimo

A regional leader in providing Wisconsin’s elite corporate travelers with professional transportation services, THINKLimo boasts over 40 years of industry experience and operates the state’s largest corporate fleet. The Milwaukee-centered company holds a fleet of approximately 40 vehicles.


Providing efficient, smooth and on time transportation essential to the company’s professional client base.

Maintaining a high standard of customer experience in a high profile, wide-ranging transportation service.

Finding a fleet tracking solution with exceptional customer service to help THINKLimo maintain its quality standards.


Behind-the-scenes THINKLimo staff utilize Azuga’s Blue Tooth Beacon as a bird’s eye view of company vehicles to assist drivers with precise route navigation.

Employ Azuga’s Speeding and Idling Alerts to boost drivers’ consciousness of improper or unsafe driving behavior.

Management maintains open communication with THINKLimo’s account representative at Azuga to resolve any issues that may arise.

Increased Efficiency

Thanks to real-time vehicle tracking and collaboration with THINKLimo office staff, chauffeurs can smoothly and efficiently maintain customers’ itinerary schedules even if they make a wrong turn.

Bolstered Safety Culture

THINKLimo is able to preserve its longstanding quality of service standards by helping chauffeurs drive safely. Additionally, customers are comforted by the company’s ability to track vehicles and monitor driving behavior.

Peace of Mind

Because of the sterling attitude and helpfulness of their account representative, THINKLimo’s management is confident that Azuga has their interests at heart and will dig deep to answer their questions and address their needs.

"The process was easy. Our mechanic had no problem getting the Azuga tracking devices and Blue Tooth beacons in. No hassles and no downtime."

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