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"With Azuga we saved tens of thousands of dollars in lower insurance premiums. We have also reduced speeding and seen better driving behavior as a result of deploying Azuga. It has been instrumental in achieving positive results in our accident control program."‍

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About Tribus Services

Tribus Services’ extensive history of providingend-to-end services for utilities across North America offers the safety focus,experience, depth of services, and commitment to transparency customers need.For projects large and small, in major cities and rural communities, TribusServices solutions help save time, cut costs and improve customer service.


·  Enforcing safety first culture with drivers  in the field.

·  Limiting downtime for installation of  devices.

·  Finding a solution with flexibility month to  month.

·  Maintaining project billing control.



·  Tribus Services employed AzugaFleet, Driver Scorecards and  real-time, in-cab feedback buzzer to call drivers’ attention to aggressive  driving behavior.

·  Azuga works with Tribus Services for project billing,  adding on new units, transferring devices to new projects, and removing  unused units.



·  No long term contracts

·  Azuga understands all business are not the  same. Month to month terms are great for businesses that run on contracts or  are growing quickly.

·  No up-front cost and no vehicle downtime Keep  your technicians on the road with a plug and play solution. Installation is  quick and painless.

Dashboard and driverscoreboard is invaluable

Each driver knows howthey are driving each day, making improvement by setting goals. Management cansee how the drivers are performing at any given moment.

" It’sso easy to do business with Azuga. No long-term contract, a great customersuccess team, and we can ebb and flow with their plug and play solution."

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