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About the Program

HiRUC is Hawaii’s two-part research program exploring road usage charging as a viable road funding alternative. Participants in Part 2 of the Demonstration may choose one of Azuga’s three mileage-reporting methods to report mileage via an automated process. Fees are not charged.

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Odometer Image Capture

Vehicle owners capture and submit quarterly photos of their odometer so that total miles driven for the quarter can be calculated along with RUC. The feature is built into the Azuga Insight smartphone app. Azuga leverages third-party advanced technology that incorporates patented fraud prevention measures. All miles are assumed to be in-state or within the bounds of the RUC program.

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Participants in the HiRUC program have the unique opportunity to experience Azuga Insight’s carbon footprint reports. Motorists can visually see their carbon emissions and receive tips and tricks on several eco-friendly practices. Azuga will also debut it’s public-versus-private road differentiation feature, which will automatically deduct miles driven on private roads from mock mileage reports.

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