Protect your high value equipment with real time GPS asset tracking

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See for yourself how Azuga’s Asset Tracker will help you locate and manage your assets and vehicles all in one powerful solution.

Reduce Risk and Protect Your Equipment with
an Asset Tracking System

When you have large physical assets deployed in the field, you are at risk for theft and unauthorized use. Not only that, you need to know where each asset is at all times so that you can transport and employ them efficiently.

Azuga’s Asset Tracking system with geofencing allows you to know exactly where each of your physical assets is located and when they are on the move in real-time. You’ll be able to simplify your yard management, recover stolen equipment easily, and detect and prevent costly unauthorized use every time. Additionally, you’ll find it’s easier to maximize the revenue from asset deployments when you can track them in real-time. You can even track your assets on the go with our easy-to-use mobile apps.