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Azuga launches FleetMobile smartphone-based GPS for fleets

December 25, 2017

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Fleet Owner | December 22, 2017
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Connected vehicle and fleet technology provider Azuga has launched a smartphone-based app that offers GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring and mobile timecard management at an affordable price point.

Azuga FleetMobile: Standalone Smartphone Edition (SSE) leverages data analysis components of Azuga’s fleet technology including location-based timestamps for timecards, “gamification” of driver performance and a driver rewards system. The smartphone-based FleetMobile SSE can offer fleets those services without requiring separate hardware installation via a vehicle’s OBD port, Azuga noted.

“We’re making it easy and affordable for fleet managers who have already invested in mobile devices to monitor their vehicles’ location and driver behavior,” said Ananth Rani, co-founder and CEO of Azuga. The company’s data science team processes that information and gives businesses insight designed to improve workforce productivity, enable better risk management and enhance overall field operations, he added.

Azuga FleetMobile SSE is the latest solution from Azuga’s GPS fleet tracking offerings that features the company’s driver rewards program, which Azuga claims can help fleets reduce accidents by up to 70%. The standalone application works on Android and iOS smartphones and integrates gamification and real-time data to encourage self-coaching and healthy competition, according to Azuga.

Azuga FleetMobile SSE is available at $9.99 per driver/ per month. For businesses that want more advanced vehicle intelligence and diagnostics, Azuga offers an upgrade to its plug-in device that fits into a vehicle’s OBD port.