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Wait, What? January is an NPMA FMAM?

January 30, 2018

As a Fleet and Equipment Management professional, hopefully you already know about this but January is Fleet Management Awareness Month as declared by NPMA. NPMA is the leading membership association for personal property and fixed-asset professionals.

Hopefully, we’ll be out of the deep freeze on the by the time you read this so that you can go out there, and take a picture of yourself with that favorite fleet vehicle(s)/equipment and share it on NPMA’s Facebook page.

Better Decisions from Data-Backed Insights.

You’ve heard the buzz words: Big Data, Data Science, Advanced Analytics. At Azuga, we have a data platform that supports tens of thousands of commercial and personal vehicles and has real-world data from millions of trips and billions of data points. We’ve taken all that intelligence and boiled it down to simple things that you can use: predict future risk of a driver getting into an accident, analyze fuel consumption across makes-models-years in your fleet and come up with actionable recommendations.

And thats not all, Azuga is a one-stop shop that delivers solutions to track your assets as well.

A powerful application of Azuga’s Data Science is in vehicle maintenance. Azuga has created an innovative Vehicle Health Report that combines Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) information with estimated level of complexity for the repair. So you can make smarter decisions when the check engine light comes on..

Fed Fleet?

If you are a new federal fleet manager, the NPMA is organizing a webinar, as part of the Fleet Management Awareness Month, that will introduce you to the relevant regulations and orders, the buzzwords—FMVRS, FMP and so on, and to GSA’s fleet bulletins. The registration link is on the site.