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The Power of Azuga Safe Driving Awards

September 27, 2016

Azuga recently announced the Q2’16 safest fleets and drivers. Our congratulations to all of the workers and fleet managers that were recognized! We do this every quarter, using our data sciences team to identify those with the best safety scores from a total population of more than 50,000 drivers and 5,000 managers running the fleets.

When we started Azuga, we wanted to shake up the market for fleet tracking. While others offered old, complicated interfaces, Azuga Fleet brought out a refreshingly easy experience. Where older systems overwhelmed customers with functions they didn’t use, Azuga focused on making sure the drivers and workers behind the wheel liked the solution. Thus was born social telematics. A GPS fleet tracking solution that uses gamification to entice and motivate drivers using rewards to adopt safe driving practices and improve efficiency. Workers share their safety scores and get into friendly (and beneficial) competition for recognition and rewards.

Since businesses installed the first tracking solutions, their workers have consistently resisted them, as there was little upside for them. We see organizations resist adopting fleet tracking solutions, despite the enormous benefits they know they can derive, to avoid alienating their drivers.  

Azuga has enabled customers to change the way they use telematics, going from “gotcha” to “good job.” It helps them demonstrate a meaningful focus on workforce safety and performance along with operational efficiencies.

Three game changers delivered by Social Telematics and Gamification

All fleet tracking solutions give you “dots on a map,” and the benefits of it are well-known and substantial. But a rewards-based fleet tracking solution like Azuga Fleet is delivering new benefits that are surprising many business owners and fleet managers.

Drivers Love It

No one likes being tracked or told what to do. But your workers will appreciate a friendly competition and being rewarded for performing well. When your drivers and workers compete, you win, with lower fuel costs, less vehicle wear and tear, and lower risk of accidents.

Supports a safety-driven culture

A driver rewards program gives you an easy way to recognize safe driving practices, making it clear to all workers the importance it holds within the culture. The same scores that are behind the rewards you give to higher performers also help you see areas where low performing drivers need coaching to improve.

Address employee churn-related issues

For some businesses, churn within three months of being hired is a whopping 50%, bringing service disruptions and added costs for onboarding and training new drivers. Using safety as the focus and recognizing and rewarding good performance builds morale and loyalty, helping you retain to your best employees.

Congratulations again to our Q2 winners! We look forward to giving out many more awards. Visit our website to learn more about Azuga Fleet Driver Rewards and how you can benefit by using the program in your own organization.