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NAFA 2018 is Here! Look Forward to Seeing You in Anaheim!

April 10, 2018

Azuga always makes it a point to attend this premier conference for fleet managers. At every annual conference, there’s a review of the newest trends—what’s new? And there’s plenty that’s new—electric vehicles, driverless vehicles, several other technologies—that are bringing in a major change for everyone who has anything to do with transportation. These major changes are making an impact on the industry and on your fleet.

The editor in chief of Fleet Management Weekly, Janice Sutton will lead a panel discussion where experts from the manufacturing sector will bring their insights and offer answers to questions sent in by NAFA members.

Azuga is continually evolving as well. We’ll brief you on updates such as the industry’s first real-time ROI calculator that shows you how much you are saving, how much more you can save, and how much other people in your industry are getting from an Azuga deployment.

We are unveiling Azuga Marketplace, and our new product lineup at NAFA, and looking forward to sharing the news on all of it with you.

Did someone mention reward programs?

One of the things that however doesn’t change is the fact that everyone has to deal with change. So it’s a question of how we go about it. As a Fleet Management Solution provider that promotes natural ways to get drivers to be less risky with our reward programs, we are very intrigued by, “55 ways to make reward programs more fun and effective” that Jody Urquhart has written up in her book, “All work, No say”. She’s going to be a keynote speaker and will be focusing on showing fleet professionals on how to deal with stress and map the future with optimism.

So, meet you at NAFA I&E at Anaheim on the 24th April. And don’t miss our regular event raffle from Azuga! You are welcome to pre-book now for a solution demo at #807 during the I&E.