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How Connected Vehicle Technology is Helping Companies Across the Globe: A Whirlpool® Mexico Customer Success Story

May 12, 2016

There are many differences between fleet markets across the globe. For example, Automotive Fleet notes that over half of Asia’s fleet vehicles are two-wheelers and Europe’s fleet market, which spans 26 countries, has a multitude of different regulations preferences, etc. Despite these differences, however, there are also numerous similarities, especially when it comes to challenges like cutting costs, improving workflow efficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction.

As a leading global provider of connected vehicle technology, Azuga has the automotive knowledge to understand the nuances of OBD technology as implemented by vehicle manufacturers across the globe. Here’s a look at how we’ve helped Whirlpool® Mexico’s Home Service Technician division.

The Challenge

Whirlpool Mexico realized it was in need of a connected vehicle solution for the 100-vehicle fleet servicing its Home Service Technician division. With an average fuel cost of $0.80 per liter ($3.20 per gallon) and other increasing expenses, Whirlpool Mexico needed a solution that would immediately help reduce costs as well as one that would improve the division’s customer satisfaction. The fact that the fleet was distributed among nine operations centers across Mexico also posed a challenge as the fleet managers needed to ensure they were able to monitor and keep track of each vehicle as well as drivers.

The solution? Whirlpool Mexico implemented Azuga’s plug and play OBDII device throughout its fleet in 2015. Immediately following implementation, the company experienced a number of benefits including:

Measuring Driver Behavior in Real Time

Monitoring Vehicle Health

Improved Customer Service

Reduced Costs

Whirlpool Mexico is just one example of how our connected vehicle solutions are improving fleets across the globe. To see how we can help your fleet, contact us today.