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Eco-friendlier Than Ever—Initiatives from Truck Fleets

February 27, 2018

Greening your fleet sounds like a major ask. Or it may simply not be a priority for you.

Regardless of beliefs in global warming, it’s a fact that children exposed to elevated levels of pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene are at greater risk of developing asthma and respiratory problems.

Greener fleets and reduction in pollutant emissions is a natural output of better driving behavior. What if you could achieve this by having a bit of fun? By getting the competitive juices flowing among drivers?

Remember this isn’t all fluff: driving safe is less fuel consumed and less accident risk. Azuga has worked desperately hard on how to make ‘When Drivers Compete, Everyone Wins’ actually work.

What technology can…and cannot

Over the last dozen or so years, many new technologies have become quite common as part of the greening effort. There’s exhaust gas recirculation, diesel exhaust filters and diesel particulate filters that have addressed the issue of emissions, and truck mileages too have registered some improvement. What’s more, innovations in aerodynamics and low-rolling resistance tires have contributed towards improving freight efficiency. But for all that technology brings, the human factor plays a pivotal role for ultimate success.

For instance, calculations reveal that even a 1% saving on fuel can save a fleet several hundreds of dollars annually per truck. How much fuel do you think is consumed in idling? As per the EPA and other sources, it is 0.82 gallons for every hour of idling.

This is where sensitizing drivers and gaining their cooperation can make a big difference.

An emphasis on the positives‍

Azuga has been promoting positive driver behaviors through its unique quarterly Safety Awards. The awards recognize Drivers for avoiding abrupt starts, rapid acceleration, avoiding hard braking and speeding.

When drivers avoid harsh cornering and reduce their idling, their show of responsibility to the environment should be acknowledged in some way. In fact, drivers take pride in every single measure that your fleet can adopt, such as using reusable cups and bottles in place of disposable ones.

Azuga’s comprehensive fleet management solution also helps in curbing maintenance expenses because of its scheduling alerts. It’s no secret that good maintenance translates into more efficient vehicle performance, preempts vehicle downtime, and is also kinder to the environment. Simple steps like a tire pressure check can reduce carbon dioxide from the truck.

Greening is an initiative that needs to be kept up by switching to the latest technology and by getting a buy-in from all ranks and functions of fleet personnel.