Azuga SpeedSafe

All GPS systems will claim a basic speeding alert feature. Azuga SpeedSafe goes beyond traditional speed control technologies by bringing context (“Where was the driver speeding and what was the posted speed limit?”) and analysis (“Is the driver doing better than last week?”).

Azuga SpeedSafe solutions help fleet operators identify high-risk driving behavior, control speed and monitor, rank and rate drivers on all types of roads in the US and Canada.

Excessive speed is a major factor in 30 percent of fatal truck accidents and is a leading indicator of other types of poor driver behavior. Speed-related crashes result in nearly 1,600 deaths and $6 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. each year. Excessive speed is also a leading contributor to poor fuel economy and vehicle maintenance costs.

With SpeedSafe, a fleet manager can control speeding on residential streets, in school zones and in adverse weather conditions. Going beyond simple control, with SpeedSafe a fleet manager also gets reporting and analytical tools to help quickly identify problem areas and track and train drivers over time. Trials have demonstrated that SpeedSafe can reduce virtually eliminate excessive speeding and significantly reduce expected accident rates.



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