Make It Safe

The lack of proper safety measures can incur significant out-of-pocket expenses, increase liability, and put lives in jeopardy.

GPS fleet tracking is supposed to monitor your drivers’ behavior. You think it’s really happening, but some fleet trackers quietly leave out crucial information.

Azuga™ does it different. Azuga G2™ vehicle tracking offers a wide variety of features and benefits to help you significantly improve fleet safety and protect your business from undue costs. Monitoring each driver, regardless of vehicle, gives managers penetrating views of unsafe driving behavior — providing important clues for coaching, evaluating drivers, and also for improving operations.

Alerts provide powerful real-time vehicle tracking and anytime, anywhere access to vital information. And, if you don’t have 24/7 dispatch, Azuga G2 gives you added security. Should a theft occur, you can immediately notify authorities, allowing for quicker retrieval of a stolen vehicle, a feature that often results in lowering insurance rates.

Azuga G2 also helps protect against unauthorized vehicle use and off-the-clock side jobs. You will always know the location of your vehicles.

By improving the safety of drivers and vehicles, businesses can significantly reduce payouts for accidents and violations.

Driving Behavior »

Vehicle crashes cause 40% of work fatalities. That’s not counting other injuries, days lost, assets destroyed, legal costs, and more. Azuga G2 lets you track and change unsafe driving behavior.

Reducing Risk »

With Azuga, you “ride shotgun” on your drivers to help eliminate liabilities like speeding and hard braking — behaviors implicated in crashes and often resulting in higher-than-necessary premiums.

Getting It Right »

Do a full safety program. Azuga safety scorecards tell drivers exactly how they’re doing. Training can focus on specific, measured behaviors.